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Material: Type "A" Jadeite
Setting: Solid 18k White Gold Setting with Diamonds
Dimensions: 29mm in length (including white gold setting)
Jade Dimensions: ~22mm diameter, 5mm thick (lavender jadeite), ~2mm (green jadeite)
Design: Lavender Donut Jadeite Pendant set in 18k Solid 18k White Gold with Diamonds.
Colour: Lavender, Green
Translucency: Slight Translucent

Lavender Donut Jadeite Pendant - Sabine

  • Elegance Unveiled: Lavender Donut Jadeite Pendant - Sabine

    Whispers of serenity encircle this exquisite lavender jadeite donut pendant. Crafted with meticulous precision, it cradles a rare gemstone - a tranquil oasis in a sea of ordinary. In the heart of this pendant lies a lavender jadeite gem, its color a delicate dance between lilac and pale lavender. The surface, polished to a mirror-like sheen, invites touch - a moment of respite in a chaotic world. This gem is no ordinary stone; it carries whispers of eternity, a bridge between realms.

    The solid 18k white gold bail holds the jadeite like moonlight on water. Its glimmer promises elegance, a canvas for dreams and whispered secrets. When you wear this pendant, you wear more than jewelry; you wear a legacy—a connection to ancient lore and the magic of jadeite.

    Why fall in love with this pendant?

    • Unique Beauty: No two lavender jadeites are alike. Yours is a singular masterpiece, nature’s artistry captured in stone.
    • Versatility: From casual chic to evening glamour, this pendant adapts effortlessly. It’s the finishing touch that completes any ensemble.
    • Meaningful Connection: Gift it to a kindred spirit or keep it close - a reminder of life’s quiet magic.

    ARL Jade - A name whispered among collectors, a sanctuary for genuine type A jadeite. Your pendant awaits—a promise of elegance, a touch of enchantment. 🌟

    Natural Type A Jadeite, by ARL Jade Singapore

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