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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Brand Guarantee

Do you provide laboratory reports?
At ARL Jade, we only use natural Type A jadeite in our products (unless otherwise stated). All of our jadeite products are guaranteed to be Type A jadeite through our brand certificate, which is provided to you upon purchase of our jadeite items. Notwithstanding this, we are happy to provide laboratory reports issued by Nanyang Gemological Institute upon request by you. Note that the costs for the laboratory report will be borne by you, but waived off on one laboratory report for each purchase of more than $1000 per order. 

Shipping Policy

Where do you ship to? 

We ship to both Singapore and overseas.

How much is the delivery fee? 

For local delivery within Singapore, delivery fee is a flat S$3.80 for Singpost Registered Mail. Local delivery fee is waived for orders above S$100 in a single purchase.

For overseas delivery (out of Singapore), delivery fee is based on prevailing rates charged by Singpost. Please write to us via our Whatsapp (+65 88358520) to confirm the final delivery charges. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive? 

For local delivery within Singapore, your order should usually arrive within 3 working days from our day of postage. 

For overseas delivery (out of Singapore), this depends on the destination country. Please write to us via our Whatsapp (+65 88358520) to confirm the delivery period. 

Exchange and Refund Policy

Can purchased items be exchanged? 

Our exchange policy applies to all items purchased on our website, except for customized products. You can exchange items within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery (as indicated by Singpost registered mail) or your destination address (as indicated by respective registered mail). Please note that items can only be exchanged once per order.

All delivery fees, i.e. for sending returned items back to us and sending exchanged items to you, will be borne by you, and all deliveries must be made using registered mail. Upon receiving your returned product, we will provide online store credits equivalent to the value of your purchased item, which can be used on our website for you to shop for a replacement. The credits will be issued once we have received your returned product, as confirmed by the registered mail tracking.

Can purchased items be refunded? 

There is strictly no cash refund.

We advise for you to ensure that the jadeite piece is really a firm purchase before you make any payment.



I still have unanswered questions after reading your FAQ

We strive to give you the highest assurance over our services and products. If there are still questions that you have and not addressed in the above FAQs, please feel free to write to us via our Whatsapp (+65 88358520), drop us an email at, or direct message us at our Instagram (@MildlyPink).

We look forward to hearing from you!

ARL Jade Singapore - Type A Jadeite
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