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What are the different grades of jadeite?

There are generally three grades of jadeite, which are classified based on their quality and appearance. These grades are:

  1. Grade A: This is the highest quality of jadeite, with a rich, vivid color and a high degree of translucency. Grade A jadeite is considered to be the most valuable and rarest form of jadeite. It is typically free from visible inclusions or flaws, and has a smooth, even texture.

  2. Grade B: This is a lower quality of jadeite than Grade A, with a less intense color and a lower degree of translucency. Grade B jadeite may have visible inclusions or flaws, and may have a slightly coarser or more uneven texture.

  3. Grade C: This is the lowest quality of jadeite, with a very pale or muted color and a low degree of translucency. Grade C jadeite may have visible inclusions or flaws, and may have a rough or pitted texture.

It's worth noting that the grading of jadeite is not always standardized, and different sellers or markets may use different criteria to classify jadeite. Additionally, the value of a piece of jadeite will depend on a variety of factors beyond just its grade, including its size, shape, craftsmanship, and historical or cultural significance.


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