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What Should I Look Out For In A Jade Certification? (Part 2)

If you are considering buying a piece of Type A jadeite jewelry or an object made from Type A jadeite, more often than not you would like to see that it is accompanied by a reliable certification. Here are some things to look out for in a Type A jadeite certification:

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Authenticity: The certification should state that the Type A jadeite is natural and untreated. It should also confirm that it is a genuine piece of Type A jadeite, as there are many imitation stones and synthetic materials that are sold as "jade" but are not the real thing.

Quality: The certification should include a detailed description of the quality of the Type A jadeite, including its color, clarity, and texture. The certification should also state whether the Type A jadeite has been treated in any way, such as through dyeing or filling.

Certification authority: The certification should come from a reputable and independent certification authority, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), or the Nan Yang Gemological Institute in Singapore. It's important to make sure that the authority is not affiliated with the seller, as this can create a conflict of interest.

Specifics on the Type A classification: The certification should explicitly state that the Type A jadeite meets the specific criteria for Type A classification, which includes natural untreated jadeite that has not been chemically treated or artificially colored. Additionally, it should state that the stone is not impregnated with any substance and that any color is natural.

Serial number: The certification should include a unique serial number that corresponds to the specific piece of Type A jadeite being certified. This can help ensure that the certification is not being used for multiple pieces of Type A jadeite.

By looking for these things in a Type A jadeite certification, you can help ensure that you are buying a genuine, high-quality piece of Type A jadeite that is worth the price.

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