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Is Type A Jadeite the same as Grade A Jadeite?

No, Type A Jadeite and Grade A Jadeite are not the same thing.

Type A Jadeite refers to jadeite that has not been chemically treated in any way, and is considered to be of natural color and without any artificial treatment to enhance its appearance. Type A jadeite is considered to be the highest quality and most valuable type of jadeite.

On the other hand, Grade A Jadeite is a term used to describe the quality of the jadeite based on its color, translucency, texture, and other factors. Grade A jadeite is considered to be of the highest quality, with a bright, vibrant color, excellent translucency, and no visible flaws or imperfections.

While Type A jadeite is often considered to be of high quality, it is not the same as Grade A jadeite. Type A jadeite refers to the lack of chemical treatment, while Grade A jadeite refers to the quality of the stone itself. It is possible for Type A jadeite to be of lower quality and not meet the criteria for Grade A jadeite.

It is important to work with a reputable dealer when purchasing jadeite, and to ask about the type and quality of the stone to ensure that you are getting a high-quality piece of jadeite that meets your expectations.

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